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What’s Playback / On-Demand? It’s a portal where you can gain access to Dance & Dance Fitness Classes that have been recorded for you to take part in when it suits you. Accessible 24hrs a day 7 days a week. 

M-Brace U® Fitness on the beach in LA!

Your Body, Your Movement, M-Brace It… YOU CAN’T GO WRONG
Do you worry you aren’t getting the steps right? With M-Brace U® you CAN’T GET IT WRONG! Because you’ll learn how to move the best way for your body, you move your way, and because of that, you have nothing to lose. Dance With KTO’s motto is “I give you the base movement, you layer it up with your flavour. Trust me you’ll make it Delicious”

Lets Dance

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M-Brace U® Fitness

What’s M-Brace U Fitness all about? It’s about M-Bracing You and how You move. It’s about channelling Your Energy. It’s about Your Power. It’s about Ownership of Your Body. It’s about Moving Like You.  It’s about M-Bracing U! It’s an open Dance Fitness class run worldwide Online + studio classes currently taking place in Colchester Essex.