Dance & Confidence Building Course

One to One 4 week Intensive Designed to Boost Your Confidence and Help You Believe That How You Move, is Good Enough

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Hey Lovely,

You’re amazing for taking the leap of faith!

I’ll let you in on something, I too had to take that leap of faith!  I hit a wall of self doubt, comparing myself and how I move to others. In my head, I wasn’t good enough. I’d say things like “I can’t dance like them” and “I can’t do that”. I really beat myself up about it for a long time! Then something hit me, IT DOESN’T MATTER! I move like me, my own individual movement and now I love it! I finally realised it’s not about perfecting how you dance, it’s about embracing your authenticity in how YOU move, then you find your confidence. Game changer!

So far I’ve helped hundreds of people, whether it be learning to dance, or boosting their self confidence with how they uniquely move. Now I want to help YOU.

I’ve had the pleasure to train with some fabulous artists on my self discovery and fulfillment journey, including Kimberly Wyatt (Pussy Cat Dolls), Galen Hooks, plus frequent visits, attending multiple classes and workshops where the heart of dance is, Los Angeles. Some of my most recent work includes music video choreography and directional movement for established singer and songwriter, Rationale.

Let me ask you this…

Do You want to release a new level of Confidence? 

Or, are you a dancer and want to take yourself to new levels?

Do You love to dance but want to Learn How to express Yourself more and don’t know where to Start?

Do You love to dance but worry that You’re not getting the moves?

Do you want your mojo back?

Do you want to learn how to Embody You?

If You answered YES to any of the above then this is for you!

It’s all about helping you find Happiness and Fulfilment in how you move. I work with you on a 1-1 level giving you the tools and hidden gems that I’ve learnt on my self Fulfilment and Dance Journey. I give you the knowledge and guidance to help you on your path to M-Brace U®. You will be in a safe and judgment free zone where you can simply express yourself in every way.

The M-Brace U® dance course has been built to build you, build your confidence, and help you gain confidence with self-expression. 

Everyone is different, therefore every course is designed specifically for your needs.

What do you get over the 4 weeks?

   This is an individual course designed specifically for you.
– A phone call or email (which ever way you prefer) to discuss your pre-questionnaire and how we will move forward, to help you get the best from your 4 weeks.
– 8 hours 1-1 in person lessons (2 hours per week in the studio, with days and times, discussed per individual)
– Videos and tutorials for you to use and keep
– Support, guidance, and regular check-ins throughout
– Your very own journal where I’ll provide go-to’s to help you on your way

– 1 Month unlimited access to all Dance With KTO classes, in studio & online worth £100

I always have a rule for myself, if something is going to help me grow, invest in it! Remember, you are investing in yourself and self growth.

Here’s a handful of some of the lovely ladies and young ladies I have helped on their self confidence journey


  • Can I start any time? Yes! you don’t need to start at the beginning of a month. We will discuss availability on our phone call.
  • Is this just for adults? No, This is available for teens and adults (age 13+)
  • Is there an age limit? Absolutely not! dance is for everyone.